Cameron Diaz Talks Knight and Day with Jimmy Fallon

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Tom Cruise’s co-star in his new movie Knight and Day Cameron Diaz stopped by Late Night with Jimmy Fallon last week to promote her latest film release, The Box, co-starring James Marsden.

While she was there, Cameron talked about filming Knight and Day in Boston. “It’s been really so much fun…I love Boston. It’s fantastic,” said Cameron. “There’s so much brainpower, like, surging there.” She also mentioned that she had spent a lot of time in the South End, where she and Tom have been filming scenes, including the restaurant Gaslight, and hung out at Beacon Hill for Halloween. “You can get a load of candy,” she said.

And of course, no visit to Jimmy Fallon’s show is complete without playing some games. So for your viewing pleasure, here’s Cameron Diaz playing charades with Jimmy Fallon and two members from the audience:

Here’s Part 2 of the charades game:

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