Tom Cruise Video: Interview with Cameron Diaz on Entertainment Tonight!

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Entertainment Tonight interviewed Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz in an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at their new movie, Knight and Day!

ET reporter Mary Hart was on the top-secret set to talk about the movie, which is currently shooting in Boston, Massachusetts. Tom is doing a lot of his own stunts, like one action-packed sequence where Tom jumps on top of a vehicle flying down the road with Cameron inside.

Cameron noted, “I’m inside the car going, ‘Ahhh! Ahhh!,’ and he’s on the hood of the car flying through the air…I’m like, ‘I want an action scene, you guys!” Tom complimented her skills, noting, “She did a 180 in a car. She does it.”

So what’s the movie about, in their words? “It’s a fun character comedy; adventure, romance — I don’t want to give away too much,” said Tom.

“We’ll let you know if it’s funny,” laughed Cameron.

Check out the interview in the video below!:

Knight and Day is about a secret agent (Cruise) who takes his date (Diaz) on a whirlwind journey to protect a powerful battery that holds the key to an infinite power source. Directed by James Mangold, the 20th Century Fox film is set for release on July 2, 2010. Read about the rest of the ‘Knight and Day’ cast, and keep checking back here for the latest news on the movie!

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  • Angela

    Wow, Tom looks amazing here!

  • Alicia Jiménez

    Hola Tom, pienso que la película va a ser todo un éxito, y a mí personalmente me gustaría participar en el rodaje, un beso de Alicia.

  • Jon

    Tom, my favorite actor, and Cameron, my favorite actress, together pretty sensational. It’ll be good when it comes out next year!

  • Alberto Martinez(Canary Islands/Spain)

    Jumping over cars ? yeah
    Waiting for the movie

  • sadia ansar

    it was such a sweet interview that was so cute when tom asked define intense very funny
    mr cruz ur such an engergetic actor you are so excited all the time positive all the time good husband good father good actor and a wonderful human being i ve always seen u smiling take care

  • salvaor simon

    HI Tom,
    im very lucky, this past three days i had worked in your film, in the second unit here in seville,
    and perhaps the next week also colaborate in the shooting at cadiz, of course my dream is to have the opportunity to work in the first unit here in seville.
    i hope the film will be a big success for tom and all the crew.

    yours faithfully

  • Susanj

    tom does look amazingly health in boston clip.Nice to get some bck ground to the movie
    Looking forward to the release in july

  • Gayle Rego

    Wow, this looks like a good one! I don’t often go to the theatre due to my schedule,
    but I never miss a Tom Cruise film and I love Cameron!!! Can’t Wait : ) Gayle

  • Ysabel

    Bonjour, de bien symphatiques personnes au service d’un talent confirmé par leur carrière. Merci de la bonne humeur partagée grâce au sourire offert par l’un et l’autre aux spectateurs de cette présentation. On se réjouit de la sortie de ce film en Europe également.

  • Tania Watts

    I cant wait to see this film. Please can you tell me when the premier will be in london?

  • anjoazur

    je vous apprécie beaucoup comme acteur vous avez fait de très bon film.
    Meilleures salutations

  • Vicky

    Kia Ora Tom from down under

    I’m sure fans from the “Naki” will be please as I am to see another good action movie.

  • http://Orkut Tânia Biajante

    Hello!!….I am from Brazil.I love TOM. Congratulations my favorite actor. Kisses.

  • Marcelo Caballero

    Excellent !!!




  • tomzei

    hello tom ur upcoming movie is very nice lol ^^