Getting ‘Risky’ With My Tom Cruise Halloween Costume

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What do Tom Cruise, Kobe Bryant, Michael Phelps, Heidi Klum, and I all have in common? We’ve stripped down to our boxers, thrown on a button down, and danced in our socks, a la Joel Goodsen, the ‘Risky Business’ character Tom Cruise played in his breakout role. Well, Tom did it for the movie, and the others did it for a series of Guitar Hero commercials. I’m doing it because it’s Halloween. That’s right, I’ve decided I’m going to walk bottomless, freeze my legs off, and dance to that old time rock n’ roll on spook night. Hey, if Heidi Klum could do it, why can’t I? :) …and i’m not the only one doing it, all these Twitter-ers are too!

Tom Cruise's Risky Business for Halloween Costume on Twitter

Halloween is tonight, and the “Risky Business” look — a simple dress shirt, underwear, and socks — comes alive on the streets as everyone goes trick or treatin’. When I came dressed as an innocent onlooker to Halloween last year, gamely watching people in the comfort of my friend’s car (yes, this is my fancy way of saying that I was the lame person who didn’t dress up for Halloween night), I saw more than two handfuls of Joel Goodsen’s walking around, a few doing their own rendition of Tom’s famous ‘Risky Business’ dance.

For those of you who need a refresher, Joel (played by Tom Cruise) is a Chicago teen who turns his parents house into a brothel while they’re out-of-town. In one particularly famous scene, Joel downs a glass of rum and coke, revs up the volume on his equalizer, and slides around in socks and underwear, lip syncing in the empty living room of his suburban home to the tune of Bob Seger’s “Old Time Rock and Roll.”

Check out the ‘Risky Business’ dance, and relive that spontaneity and craziness that is part of everybody’s Halloween, thanks to the Tom Cruise movie timeline:

Will Joel (a.k.a. Tom) make another great comeback this year? Are you ready to dress down and dance? I sure am! :) Happy Halloween!

Fun Movie Fact:

The poster for ‘Risky Business’ reads, “There’s a time for playing it safe and a time for…Risky Business.”

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