Memoirs of a Jerry Maguire Fan

Hey Guys, member Abby here, and I can’t believe I get to write this!

There are movies that come and go, but there are movies that stick. When I hear the line “show me the money!” it is impossible for me not to respond with a string of ‘Jerry Maguire’ Tom Cruise movie quotes, having watched the movie more than 100 times since it debuted in 1996. Yes, MORE than 100 times!

I’m stuck! “You had me at hello”, Jerry!;)

‘Jerry Maguire,’ the Tom Cruise and Renee Zellwegger romantic comedy, is still hands down my favorite Tom Cruise movie. “Secret Garden” by Bruce Springsteen is on my “most played list” on ITunes, and I can’t help relive the awesome moments in the movie when I hear it. I still cry at the doorstep scene between Jerry and Dorothy (Zellwegger), and I still laugh at Jerry screaming “Help me, help you!” in the locker room.

So as an homage to my favorite film, here’s the top three things that I love about ‘Jerry Maguire’:

1) Like a true romantic comedy junkie, I love the culminating living room scene that completes the film. This is when Jerry utters the classic movie line, “You complete me,” in an unforgettable moment by a remorseful Jerry, who waltzes into the divorced women’s group in Dorothy’s (Renee Zellwegger) house. Dorothy is speechless, and can only say in return, “You had me at hello.” Who cares if Tom Cruise can climb a rock in ‘Mission Impossible II’? For me, it was the best ever when he had his feet flat on the ground, saying, “You complete me.”

2) When Jerry wakes up one morning with a conscience, his sports agency fires him. As he desperately tries to hold on to his clients, the one that stays is Rod Tidwell, played by Cuba Gooding Jr., a stubborn, obnoxious football player that insists Jerry show him the money. And so, Jerry obeys by yelling, “Show me the money!” Alas, he wins Rod’s business, and loses countless others, as the phone switchboard stops blinking. A classic movie quote is born!

3) Jonathan Lipnicki as the little boy Ray Boyd has given us some of the best moments in the movie. I would never have known that “the human head weights eight pounds” if it wasn’t for you, Ray! One of my favorite moments was when Ray comes up to kiss Jerry on the cheek, and Dorothy tearfully tells Laurel, “I have never seen him kiss a man like a Dad.” (Seriously, I am remembering this stuff from memory!)

Those movie quotes are still remembered and repeated by many. But guys, even if you want to use the word “Kwan”, remember what our buddy Rod said: “Don’t use Kwan, that’s my word!”

What other memorable lines or characters can you remember from “Jerry Maguire”? Well, “help me help you.” What other questions does Ray Boyd (Jonathan Lipnicki) ask Jerry in the car, on the way to the airport? (Clue: “Do you know the human head weighs eight pounds?”) What is the name of the sports agent that was Jerry Maguire’s nemesis throughout the whole film? (Clue: his last name is Sugar, but he ain’t sweet).

You got answers? Comments are open! After all, “That’s not just a dress, it’s an Audrey Hepburn Movie.”

Fun Film Fact:
The “mission statement” that got Jerry fired was entitled “The Things We Think But Do Not Say.”

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  • Nita

    All I know is that I liked Renee’s acting in that movie. She is terrific. Sure, the story of the movie was really good and Tom acted good too, but Renee was terrific.

  • Ama

    Jerry’s nemesis was Bob Sugar and my favorite part of the film was when Jerry goes to Rod about dating a single mother. Rod: A real man wouldn’t shop lift the pootie from a single mother. Jerry: I didn’t shop lift the pootie. [Pause]. Okay, I shoplifted the pootie. Tom Cruise saying “pootie” = priceless

  • Danny

    I love this clip…you complete me .

  • Alberto Martinez(Canary Islands/Spain)

    Yes the screenplay of this movie is so great , am I right ?

    This scene is breath taking , mainly cause it shows some attitudes in our society

  • vic

    My favorite character from any movie of all time is Rod Tidwell played of course by Cuba Gooding Jr.
    My favorite quote is in the locker room, after the argument and Rod says “see that’s the difference between me and you. You think we’re fighting and I think we’re finally talking!”
    Such an awesome attitude, awesome movie

  • Kimberly

    I liked the fact that he could do a handstand against a wall and still be inspired to write the “memo”! Then in the morning when he realized what he had done, he had that “o crap” sound in his voice when he found out the mission statements had gone out. Who hasn’t had that happen to them before…a moment of deep regret!

  • Csteele4085

    You Complete me…I met Scott 5 years ago, we both have kids, so we knew it wouldn’t be easy. He proposed with all the kids there and it came as a shock. Then my daughter was diagnosed with Epilepsy 3 years ago just months before our wedding date, we postponed it. Then, we set a date and she ended up in the hospital. Scott, never asked questions, and every time we hit a bump, he would get flowers for me and tell me it was ok that I need to just tell him when & where and he will be there.He has always been supportive, kind and loving. My daughter loves him and looks up to him. In her own way, she helped me get it right this time, and yes, they complete me.