All the Right Moves Turns 26 Years-Old!

We just celebrated the anniversary of the release of Tom Cruise’s movie ‘The Color of Money.’ Let’s keep the good times rollin’ by honoring the anniversary of another Tom Cruise film, ‘All the Right Moves‘ (original release date of October 21, 1983)!

Cruise plays Stefan Djordjevic, a high school football player who dreams of getting out of his small Pennsylvania steel town and going to college. His coach (played by Craig T. Nelson) shares the same college dream, but for coaching. But clashes between the two means they could ruin each other’s chances of a brighter future. Lea Thompson and Christopher Penn co-star in this all-American football movie about making your dream come true.

Check out a video clip from the movie, plus filming locations and pictures, thanks to the Tom Cruise timeline:’

Related Film Facts:
The fictional town of Ampipe is named after its main employer, American Pipe & Steel. However, in real life, there’s a town near Pittsburgh called Ambridge, named for the American Bridge Company.

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