The Color of Money Turns 23 Years-Old!

We’re celebrating the 23rd anniversary of the Tom Cruise movie ‘The Color of Money‘ (original release date of October 17, 1986), directed by Martin Scorsese, and starring Paul Newman and Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio!

A sequel to ‘The Hustler,’ Newman reprised his original role as Eddie “Fast Eddie” Felson, the renown pool hustler decides to stage a comeback when he comes across the young yet arrogant pool talent Vincent, played by Cruise. Eddie, Vincent, and his girlfriend Carmen earn money as Eddie teaches Vincent the tricks of the table, but when Eddie realizes he’d rather play the best game instead of hustle, he challenges his new protege to a pool showdown.

In honor of the late Paul Newman, check out the exclusive black-and-white photo of Tom and Paul during the shooting of ‘The Color of Money.’ And for something in color (it does have color in the film title, after all), here’s a video clip from the movie, courtesy of the Tom Cruise movie timeline:

Related Film Facts:
Actor John Turturro, who plays Julian in the film, was also in another film directed by Martin Scorsese. He had an uncredited role as “Man at Webster Hall Table” in the classic ‘Raging Bull.’

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  • Alberto Martinez(Canary Islands/Spain)

    And what a great film it is,you can watch it many times over !!!!