Tom Cruise Photos: Barry Levinson added exclusive black-and-white photos to the picture gallery of Tom with filmmakers he’s worked with in over two decades of show business. One of those pictures is of director Barry Levinson, the man behind the Oscar-winning ‘Rain Man.’

After attending American University, Barry Levinson decided to try his luck in Los Angeles. After several years, he landed a gig writing for “The Carol Burnett Show,” which led to writing movie scripts, such as ‘Silent Movie,’ ‘High Anxiety,’ ‘…And Justice for All,’ and ‘Diner,’ which he directed. From there, he started to tackle other directing projects, including ‘The Natural,’ ‘ ‘Good Morning, Vietnam,’ ‘Bugsy,’ ‘Sleepers,’ and ‘Wag the Dog.’

Levinson was almost not involved in ‘Rain Man.’ Originally, both Steven Spielberg and Sydney Pollack were slated to direct, but both dropped out for various reasons — Spielberg because he had to help his friend George Lucas work on the third Indiana Jones movie, and Pollack because he was not all that interested in directing a road trip movie. In the end, the film won Best Picture at the Academy Awards, while Levinson won an Oscar for Best Director, Ronald Bass and Barry Morrow won for Best Writing, and Dustin Hoffman earned an Academy Award for Best Actor.

Check out a video clip from the film on the Tom Cruise movie timeline!

Related Film Facts:
Actress Bonnie Hunt, who starred in ‘Rain Man,’ also co-starred in another Tom Cruise movie: ‘Jerry Maguire‘! She played Renee Zellweger’s sister, Laurel.

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