Meet the Cast of Cruise’s New Movie Knight and Day!

We mentioned in a previous post that Tom Cruise’s latest movie has an official title: Knight and Day, but we’ve got more to add about the film!

In case you’re just joining us, ‘Knight and Day’ has been shooting in Boston, Massachusetts, but filming is set to head for such exotic locations as Spain, Austria and the tropics. According to an official release from 20th Century Fox,

In KNIGHT and DAY, Cruise and Diaz have a glamorous and sometimes deadly adventure, where nothing and no one – even the now fugitive couple – are what they seem. Amid shifting alliances and unexpected betrayals, they race across the globe, with their survival ultimately hinging on the battle of truth vs. trust.

So you already know that Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz are the stars, but who else is joining them on the silver screen? Let’s take a look at the ‘Knight and Day’ cast!:

  • Peter Sarsgaard (‘An Education,’ ‘Garden State,’ ‘Boys Don’t Cry’) plays a federal agent hellbent on chasing down the couple
  • Paul Dano (‘There Will Be Blood,’ ‘Little Miss Sunshine’) takes on the role of a mysterious scientist behind a revolutionary technology
  • Viola Davis (‘Doubt’, ‘State of Play’) plays a CIA director trying to figure out what the real meaning is behind the couple’s “high-wire activities”
  • Olivier Martinez (‘Unfaithful’) plays the role of a merciless arms manufacturer
  • Maggie Grace (‘Taken’) will play Cameron’s little sister, who asks her to walk her down the aisle
  • Marc Blucas (‘The Jane Austen Book Club’) is set to play Cameron’s fireman ex-boyfriend who’s still in love with her

How excited are you for this movie? Happy to see the other actors in the cast? Sound off in the comments below!

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  • LorenBrandao

    Very excited about this movie…

  • Violetta

    ‘Vanilla Sky’ has changed my life,
    At ‘Valkyrie’ I sadly cried,
    If you say ‘Knight & Day‘ – it’s great!
    Tom Cruise does something I can’t wait!=)(c)

  • divya

    wow this sounds interesting….

  • Vickie Glover

    Very excited to see this movie. Anxious to see Tom and Cameron together again, love them both! Not familiar with the other actors off the top of my head, I will imdb them to enlighten myself. Can’t wait for the release, in fact, I can’t wait for the trailer. Truth vs Trust, wow….sounds like a great adventure!!

  • Marcelo

    Well, it seems they have assembled a good team. I like it. Exitos.

  • Marcelo

    So far, what I like most is the title of the movie: Knight & Day.
    Marcelo (Argentina)

  • Susan CLarke

    Knight and day.Are we in for magic and mystery or just ancient battles
    Truth and trust, dark and night.
    Lets hope theirs a good fight.Yeah im excited


    I am ready to be CRUISENISED once again and time again TOM is the MOVIE ENTERTAINER and that is not being bold just factual. KNIGHT AND DAY will be a movie event and I will as always be FRONT CENTER .

  • Alicia Jiménez

    Estoy deseando de ver la pelicula, ya que creo que va a estar muy entretenida, mucha suerte, un beso de Alicia.