Minority Report Touch Screens No Longer in Sci-Fi Future

Remember the scene in ‘Minority Report,’ the Steven Spielberg-directed science fiction thriller, when Tom Cruise uses his hands and fingers to search for date on a huge virtual screen?

Even though the movie came out in 2002, and is set in 2054, it seems as though the present is catching up to the future.

Windows 7, the follow-up to Windows Vista, is supposed to come with a multitouch user interface with the help of 3D desktop BumpTop, which means you can touch the computer screen to perform actions. According to Venture Beat, it will allow users to crop pictures, pan and zoom, and more with just the simple movement of your fingers.

Meanwhile, according to Mashable, Apple has applied for a patent for touch screen functionality like that used in the film. How will Apple use this patented technology? Rumors have been circling for a while concerning the Apple tablet PC, which could include this touch screen interface, and the patent would utilize a sophisticated multitouch input method with built-in sensor that could let you use all ten fingers and determine complex movements with your hands.

Who knows what the future holds, but it’s pretty exciting to see movie technology coming to fruition in real life! Until you can get your hands on — or waving in front of, I should say — the next big tech thing, check out the Tom Cruise movie timeline to see video clips, filming locations, pictures, and more from ‘Minority Report.’

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Cruise and Spielberg worked on another movie together, ‘War of the Worlds,’ which, coincidentally, also features space age technology, albeit in the form of alien robots.

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