Cruise’s Collateral Co-Star Jamie Foxx Starring in New Film

Jamie Foxx, Tom Cruise’s co-star from the Michael Mann film ‘Collateral,’ has signed on for a new movie!

According to the Hollywood Reporter, Foxx is joining the cast of ‘Due Date,’ a road-trip comedy from Todd Phillips (‘Old School,’ ‘The Hangover’) starring Robert Downey Jr. and Zach Galifianakis (also from ‘The Hangover’). Downey plays a father-to-be forced to hitch a ride with college slacker Galifianakis, while Foxx plays Downey’s friend who used to date his wife, and has been secretly keeping in touch with her.

Downey and Foxx have already starred together in the drama ‘The Soloist,’ which focuses on a homeless musician in L.A. And Downey and Cruise, of course, starred together in ‘Tropic Thunder.’ Is there anyone in Hollywood who hasn’t acted with someone else? That makes me want to the play the “what if” game…what if there was some movie that brought together Cruise, Foxx, and Downey? Mind-blowing, I tell ya. In the meantime, check out this cool pic of Tom Cruise and Michael Mann during the filming of ‘Collateral.’

What do you think of the casting decision? What’d you think of Collateral? Sound off in the comments below!

  • Alberto Martinez(Canary Islands/Spain)

    Colllateral is a great film , one of the best thrillers of the decade.period.

  • Alberto Martinez(Canary Islands/Spain)

    The casting ? are you kidding me ? the casting is perfect , even small roles like Javier Bardem´s are great.