New Official Twitter Channel Launches Today!

Are you an avid Twitter user? Are you tweeting and twoting all over the Twittersphere? Do you take time to tweet the latest Twitter trends? (Say that three times fast!) Get ready to hashtag this!

Drumroll, please… has officially launched its own Twitter channel! How truly Twitterific! :D

The new Official Twitter Channel will offer real-time, up-to-the-minute news regarding Tom Cruise movie news, new additions to the site, and links to the latest blog posts — all in 140 characters or less, of course!

But don’t just follow us and leave it at that. We’re going to be regularly updating and changing the backgrounds, with a few surprises in store for the fans. Take a look at the first background below:

Official Tom Cruise Twitter

We login to our Twitter channel everyday and see your @messages, read your DM’s (direct messages, for all you non-tweeters out there), and get the notifications when you follow us. We’d love to get your feedback about the site. Let us know if you think we’re doing a great job!

So follow the Twitter channel at @tomcruise. Give us a shout out, send us an @ message, drop a tweet, and say hi! We might just follow you back ;)

And be sure to check out those background changes, not to mention exclusive updates and news on Tom Cruise!

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  • Kim Goddard (@GoddardGroup)

    Well hello.
    I’m impressed – very professional and I like how you are integrating the technology.
    And that you are staying so active with the communication!
    Curious if Mr. Cruise himself will chime in as opposed to his tweet team. And if so, will we ever really know… : )

    Would be curious to hear about what your learning as you delve into using microblogging etc.

    Anyway. I’m a fan. Thanks for the opportunity to say ‘Hello’.

  • david gawne

    i love everything about this site keep it up xxxxxxxxxx

  • Faizarehman1

    love you tommmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • M Usm4n

    i wish i meet u. u r all movies is best of world