New Tom Cruise Film Scenes from Bridgewater: A Plane Crash?

Update on the latest Tom Cruise movie with Cameron Diaz, currently filming in Massachusetts:

In Bridgewater, Mass., a fake plane crash was staged in a cornfield as a set for the new action comedy from 20th Century Fox and directed by James Mangold. Portions of a Boeing 727 jet were set up, according to local news channel WBZ. But the real bang comes from the fact that in order to simulate the crash, the film’s pyrotechnics team will be shooting explosives. While the crew assured Bridgewater residents that the noise would be minimal, some locals are celebrating the filming with all-night sleepovers in case they can catch a glimpse of the Hollywood action.

Keep coming back for more updates on the new Tom Cruise movie, and while you’re at, catch up on some of his films from the past two decades by visiting the Tom Cruise movie timeline!

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  • http://This. Ivan

    “GO FULLScreen” mode in Filmography section is really PROFI :-)))
    Super. I like it. :-)

  • taynne samai

    wait to see, I love action movies are my favorites!

  • Lu Ribeiro

    Thanks to all of you for bringing your carisma to Boston !!!
    Tom, Brazil/ Boston loves You !!!


    Tommy, luv ya. Seen all of your films… oops! missed INTERVIEW WITH A VAMPIRE… gotta get that one on DVD. See you at the movies when you film w/ Cameron D. comes out. By the way, I lived in Boston for 20 yrs. Also sang the National Anthem at Fenway… whew that was some religious experience… broke the curse of the Bambino… even though they won the World Series a whole 2 yrs later.