Video: Tom Cruise Interview on “The Jay Leno Show” with Cameron Diaz

In case y’all missed it, Tom Cruise was a guest on “The Jay Leno Show” last night, along with Cameron Diaz. The two are starring in a new film together, the untitled James Mangold-directed action comedy from Fox, and shooting has already begun in the New England area. So instead of sitting on the couch in the studio, they took part in a new show segment via satellite: the “10@10,” which asks guests to answer 10 questions honestly.

Just a few of the questions asked covered topics such as who wears more makeup, annoying behavior, reality TV, a ‘Top Gun‘ quote, and…strip clubs. Well, you’ll understand when you watch the interview video below:

Favorite Tom quote: “I know [Cameron] likes the drama, I’m more of like a, man-drama, kind of ESPN guy.”

Keep checking back here for the latest updates on Tom and Cameron’s new movie! Liked the clip? Sound off in the comments below!

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    Yeah yeah yeah… I am a BIG as in B-I-G to the max, fan of both TC and CD. I’m such a fan that I don’t even have to use their names. I’m in the inner circle, y’all. So like I’m sayin’ these folk are fa ree-alll and whatevah movie they are in I’m there with ma popcorn and drink just kicking my feet back and forth and movin’ around in my seat until the PREviews are over and I can start screaming about the fact that their movies are coming NEXT.

    So there’s my co-mment!!!

  • Gayle Rego

    Tom and Cameron are two of my favorite actors – they both seem very unassuming and friendly – genuine people who love their profession. I don’t have a lot of time in my busy schedule to actually go to the movie theaters, but will make the time to see Tom and Cameron : )

    Luv you both,

  • Alisyn

    Cute clip. :lol: