The Effect of Tom Cruise and Ray-Bans in Risky Business

For those who don’t follow the fashion world, the ’80s have been making a comeback for quite some time. From neon and legwarmers, ’80s fashion has found new and innovative ways into mainstream trends at the mall. So is it any surprise that Ray Bans Wayfarers, the kind of sunglasses Tom Cruise wore in 1983′s ‘Risky Business,’ are back in style?

This article from ABC News talks about how if you’re thinking of taking a trip back to the Reagan era, sunglasses are a fun, relatively inexpensive accessory to add to your wardrobe. And what about those Ray-Bans? Says the article:

Ray-Ban’s Wayfarer deserves special mention…because it has been important to multiple generations. While Holly Golightly wore them so chicly in “Breakfast at Tiffany’s,” Jeff Spicoli’s turquoise pair furthered his surfer-dude image…

When Tom Cruise wore Wayfarer’s in ‘Risky Business‘, Wayfarer’s U.S. sales rocketed to 360,000 pairs in one year. Interestingly, sales of Ray-Ban Aviators also soared after Tom wore them in the 1986 box office hit ‘Top Gun.’

Check out the movie trailer for ‘Risky Business,’ or view filiming locations and other video clips at the Tom Cruise movie timeline.

Fun Movie Fashion Fact:
Ray-Bans aren’t the only sunglasses Tom wears in his movies. In the opening scene of ‘MI:2,’ he climbs up to the top of an immense rock and wears a pair of Oakley’s in order to receive instructions for his next mission.

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