Tom Cruise Photo: John Woo added new, exclusive black-and-white photos to the mix that show Tom with filmmakers he’s worked with in the past. One of those pictures is of director John Woo, the man behind the box office hit ‘Mission: Impossible II.’

John Woo grew up in Hong Kong, starting out his film career for Shaw Brothers Studios as an assistant director. In 1973, he directed his first feature film, developing highly stylized action sequences and slow motion fight scenes that have since become his trademark as a filmmaker. Some of his most famous Chinese action films include ‘A Better Tomorrow,’ ‘The Killer,’ and ‘Hard Boiled,’ while notable Hollywood movies include ‘Broken Arrow,’ ‘Face/Off,’ and, of course, ‘Mission: Impossible II.’

During one scene in MI:2, secret agent Ethan Hunt (Cruise) and villain Sean Ambrose (played by Dougray Scott) get into a fight in which a knife nearly pierces Ethan’s eye. Cruise insisted on using a real knife that stop one quarter-inch from his eyeball. Woo thought it would be better to stop somewhere near his eye, but Cruise won, and the actors performed the fight scene with the knife connected to a cable and measured to stop at the precise moment.

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Mission: Impossible Movie Facts:
One of the writers behind ‘Mission: Impossible 2,’ Robert Towne, was also the writer behind ‘Mission: Impossible,’ the first in the film franchise.

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  • Johnny v

    Man, that Woo Mission Impossible was slammin! The action scenes were killer! Any chance they’ll work together on the next one? Would love to see Woo meets Cruise meets 2009 CGI effects!