Tom Cruise Video: The Color of Money

The Color of Money‘, directed by Martin Scorsese and starring Paul Newman, Tom Cruise, and Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio, picks up the story of Eddie “Fast Eddie” Felson from ‘The Hustler’ 25 years after it first graced the silver screen.

Fast Eddie (Newman), renown pool hustler, stumbles upon Vincent (Cruise), a young player full of promise, arrogance, and talent, at a local bar. When Eddie offers to teach Vincent, he takes up the offer and goes on the road with his girlfriend Carmen, earning money for the both of them along way. But when Eddie sees what he’s been missing — winning by playing the best game, not by hustling — he takes on his protege in the ultimate showdown between master and student.

Watch the video clip from the film of Eddie and Vincent playing pool, thanks to the Tom Cruise movie timeline:

See more photo stills and watch the trailer for ‘The Color of Money,’ or check out this exclusive black-and-white photo of Paul Newman and Tom Cruise during the filming of the movie.

Fun Movie Facts:
The Color of Money‘ is a sequel to ‘The Hustler,’ the first appearance of Fast Eddie as a young pool player in a high-stakes match against legendary player who Fats Minnesota. While Newman was nominated for an Oscar for Best Actor for his role in ‘The Hustler,’ he won the Academy Award for his portrayal of Fast Eddie in ‘The Color of Money.’

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