Tom Cruise Video: Interview with the Vampire

What does it really mean to be a vampire? If Hollywood gives us any indication, you drink blood, sunlight is not your friend, and you are usually very good-looking for someone who is officially dead. (Just kidding. I’m sure there are ugly vampires out there.)

In ‘Interview with the Vampire’, Brad Pitt plays Louis de Pointe du Lac, a plantation owner who has lost the desire to live. Enter vampire Lestat de Lioncourt (played by Tom Cruise), who offers Louis the choice of death or eternal life as a vampire, complete with fangs. Louis chooses the latter, and they, along with with orphaned Claudia (Kirsten Dunst), live through the next 200 years together (well, they don’t really “live,” since they’re dead and all, but you get what I mean).

Here’s a video clip from the movie, thanks to the new Tom Cruise timeline, which showcases all the movies in his career, complete with movie summaries and filming locations:

Check out the movie trailer, photo stills and summary, or view more movies on the timeline.

Related Movie Fact:
Thandie Newton, who was a co-star in Interview with the Vampire, later starred with Cruise in another film: ‘Mission: Impossbile II’! She play Nyah, the international thief that Ethan Hunt recruits, falls in love with, and must save from the deadly virus Chimera.

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