Tom Cruise Video: Rain Man

What if you found out you had a long lost brother? What if it turned out that brother was brilliant, but mentally challenged? What if you had to hear the word “Wapner” over and over and over and over…

Rain Man‘ is the story of Charlie Babbit (Cruise), a selfish yuppie type who finds out he’s been left out of his father’s will, and subsequently snubbed a three million dollars inheritance. After investigating, he discovers the money was given to a sibling he never knew — the severely autistic savant Raymond (Hoffman), who lives in an institution. In an attempt to get a hold on some of the cash, Charlie kidnaps Raymond, but Raymond’s fear of flying forces Charlie to drive on a cross-country road trip, during which he reconnects with his long-lost brother and finds humanity within himself.

Here’s a video clip of the movie:

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Related Film Facts:
‘Rain Man’ won the Academy Award for Best Picture, along with three other wins: Dustin Hoffman for Best Actor, Barry Levinson for Best Director, and Ronald Bass and Barry Morrow for Best Screenplay.

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  • Susan

    I loved you in this movie!

  • becky

    i think this is one of your best movies ever and you were so awesome in it… you are in all you movies.

  • Andrea

    I loved this movie but my favorite is Top Gun ,but they are all great .Hei the best ever , no one coming close to him and never will. He is so sensitive , have a big heart and he deserve the best in his life to live his dream .My dream to meet him once and I will do anything just to see him and I will ,Love you Tom Cruise.