Tom Cruise Photos: Director Edward Zwick has added new, exclusive black-and-white photos that show Tom Cruise with the filmmakers he has worked with over his two decades in the movie business. Today, we focus on ‘The Last Samurai,’ and its director Edward Zwick.

Zwick graduated from the AFI Conservatory in Los Angeles before working as a journalist for the magazine “Rolling Stone.” By 1976, he found work on television as a writer, director, and producer, including the series “thirtysomething.” Zwick eventually made the leap into feature films, creating movies involving moral dilemmas that force fully formed characters to act on their feelings rather than what is perceived to be right. Just a handful of Zwick’s films include ‘Glory,’ ‘Legends of the Fall,’ ‘Courage Under Fire,’ ‘Blood Diamond,’ and ‘Defiance.’ He has also served as a producer on a number of award-winning films, including Oscar winner ‘Shakespeare in Love,’ ‘Traffic,’ and ‘I Am Sam.’

Based on the 1877 Satsuma Rebellion, led by Saigō Takamori, ‘The Last Samurai’ is not an exact retelling of historical events. However, it is an amalgamation of historical figures, details and story. The project was initially developed by director Vincent Ward. He became a producer on the film after approaching Zwick, resulting in much of the film being shot in New Zealand, Ward’s homeland.

To see filming locations, video clips, and the film synopsis for ‘The Last Samurai,’ take a look at the Tom Cruise movie timeline, which lists all of Tom’s movies in chronological order.

Fun Movie Facts:
Did you know that Timothy Spall, who played Simon Graham in ‘The Last Samurai,’ co-starred with Tom Cruise in another movie? He played the role of Thomas Tipp in the film ‘Vanilla Sky.’

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