Tom Cruise’s Lestat in ‘Interview with the Vampire’ Named Best Vampire

According to a poll conducted by Entertainment Weekly, Tom Cruise’s ‘Interview with the Vampire’ bloodsucking character Lestat was rated the best among the Greatest Vampires in Hollywood!

The magazine also interviewed several authors of vampire books, including Anne Rice, the novelist behind the book, “Interview with the Vampire,” and the rest of “The Vampire Chronicles” series.

‘Interview with the Vampire’ stars Tom Cruise as Lestat de Lioncourt, a vampire who offers Southern plantation owner Louis de Pointe du Lac (Brad Pitt) a chance at eternal life. Go to the Tom Cruise movie timeline to view video clips, read the synopsis and find out where the movie was filmed.

“Fang”-tastic Fact!:
Anne Rice is both the author of the book and the screenwriter for the film.

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  • Alberto Martinez(Canary Islands/Spain)

    Tom was really excellent as Lestat, it was a tour de force .Great movie , I got that one !!! LOL

  • Martina

    I was always wondering why Tom never got back in another The vampire chronicles movie. They say he had the rights for filming The tale of the body thief, but sold them few years ago. WHY, hell, why? I have always known that his Lestat is the best thing that has ever roamed the vampire world, and I am not talking about the character itself, but specifically about Tom´s portrayal. I have heard that Anne is more than willing to have her stories turned into movies. As she said on Facebook, she is currently talking with some producers
    (or who) about this possibility. But she said nothing further, so Lord knows if the whole thing won´t get stuck  again (at some point of the negotiation). So, Tom, if you read these comments – hopefully you stop here from time to time – please, get back as Lestat! I mean, the vampires are once again “the hot topic”. You would beat the Twilight “vampires” into pulp. “Non piů andrai, farfallone amoroso, notte e giorno d’intorno girando… Mmm… there´s still life in that old lady yet!”

  • Debbie

    Tom Cruise is with out a doubt the only actor who can pull off Lestat. I’ve seen Queen of the damned and it was nothing compaired to Interview with the vampire.