Tom Cruise Video: Ben Stiller as Stunt Double ‘Tom Crooze’ in MI:2

With all the recent buzz surrounding the possibility of ‘Mission: Impossible IV’, I thought it would be a good idea to look back on a behind-the scenes look at ‘Mission: Impossible II’. Did you know Ben Stiller was Tom’s stunt double? See for yourself:

Ben Stiller with Tom Cruise

The parody was originally played at the MTV Movie Awards in 1999. Many of you might have already seen it. But that doesn’t make it any less hi-larious!

Keep checking in with the official Tom Cruise blog for updates on M:I 4 as the story progresses.

Fun Movie Fact:
Tom Cruise and Ben Stiller worked together to create the foul-mouthed, dirty dancing Les Grossman in Stiller’s summer hit ‘Tropic Thunder’.

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  • Carla Cochran

    This video is HIlarious!!!! I just found this by accident on youtube! AND…So glad they are making a movie together and yes please add OWEN WILSON to this cast!!!!!!!!!!!!! it would be GREAT!!!