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We’re thrilled and excited to welcome you all to the Official Tom Cruise website blog!

We’ll be blogging regularly from here on out on Tom’s career, film projects and related events and entertainment news. You’ll also find interviews, video clips, and EXCLUSIVE Tom Cruise announcements and content debuting here in the blog!

And now, we have our first exclusive news to share…we’ve just added some fantastic new features to the official site, including:

  • NEW! Tom Cruise on-set photos comprised of candid shots of Tom and the most amazing directors in the film business working together, including Steven Spielberg, Bryan Singer, Stanley Kubrick, Edward Zwick, John Woo, J.J. Abrams, Cameron Crowe, Michael Mann, Barry Levinson, Sydney Pollack, and Rob Reiner.  (These are the very same photos previously only seen in Tom’s office!). Additionally, there is a wonderful new photo of Tom and Paul Newman shot during the filming of “The Color of Money.”
  • NEW! A Tom Cruise life and career multimedia timeline that will be regularly updated with video, links, images, filmmaking  facts and insights, plus (I think this is really COOL!) maps of the filming locations so you can finally win that watercooler debate on where  The Last Samurai final battle scene was filmed! (Answer: New Zealand).
  • The first issue of the Official TomCruise.com newsletter! (Ya gotta register to get it!)


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The TomCruise.com Team

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  • Karen Luna

    wow this new blog is amazing… a great job…!!! I love The last Samurai and the scenes in New Zealand are awesome!!! xoxo

  • Harry9

    Come on there should have been at least a teaser trailer by now for Mission:Impossible Ghost Protocol!!!!!

  • Maria Ines Bitencourt

    This blog has left us closer to you. Thank you for existing!