‘Days of Thunder’ Cruise Movie is First Racing Game for iPhone

How would you like to be a race car driver like Tom Cruise in the movie ‘Days of Thunder’?

Well, I’m not sure how you can get behind the wheel of an authentic race car, but you can certainly live vicariously through your phone. That’s right, your iPhone!

Game designers Freeverse collaborated with Paramount to bring you the new ‘Days of Thunder’ game for the iPhone and iPod touch, which is the first racing game for these Apple products.

Earn your way to the top of stock car racing by playing Cole Trickle, Cruise’s character from the film. The more races you win, the faster you move on to other circuits, with each subsequent circuit a tougher race to finish. All you have to do to drive is tilt the iPhone from side to side. And if your car’s health meter is running low, just call on the ‘Days of Thunder’ pit crew to get back on the track.

Check out some of the game reviews:

IGN: “The controls are very good. The tilt sensitivity is just right. After a few races, I had a handle on just how far I needed to tilt to the left or right to slip around a rival car and trade paint without causing a wreck.”

Macworld: “Days of Thunder is one of the most fun games I’ve played on my iPhone in quite a while…The graphics are quite good, the sound effects are well done, and the game play is entertaining. If you like auto racing games, Days of Thunder is worth the cost of admission.”

Get the game at the Apple apps store and start speeding down the track! And don’t forget to check out the ‘Days of Thunder’ photo stills of Tom Cruise.

Related Film Info:
Tony Scott, the director of ‘Days of Thunder’, worked with Tom Cruise on another movie: ‘Top Gun’!

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