‘Risky Business’ Porsche in Stuttgart Museum

Does looking at pristine, shiny sports car rev up your engines?

The new Porsche museum in Stuttgart, Germany features a dazzling array of sports cars dedicated to the German engineering of the renowned automaker. Located in the Zuffenhausen district, the museum features interactive displays, Porsche engines, memorabilia, and 80 cars on display, including iconic cars such…

the ‘Risky Business’ Porsche!

The 928 Spyder is on display, just like the kind Tom Cruise has in ‘Risky Business’.

Also on display: the 917 Spyder used by Steve McQueen in ‘Le Mans’, and a 550 Spyder model, like the one James Dean was driving before his tragic death. There’s also the 1992 Boxster prototype, the Best in Show winner at the 1993 Detroit Auto Show.

The museum is hoping to compete with visitors to the Mercedes museum, which is just located a half-hour away in Untertuerkheim. So if you happen to be traveling through Germany and want to check out some impressive machinery, head over the Stuttgart Museum – and be sure to wear your Ray Bans around the ‘Risky Business’ Porshce! Dancing in your underwear, though, is probably a bad idea.

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