Change of Plans: ‘Valkyrie’ Opens on Christmas Day

Worried how to entertain the relatives after you’ve opened gifts on Christmas Day? Know you’re going to be bored December 25 because you don’t celebrate Christmas? Fear not, for the movie theaters are always open!

There’s been a change of plans surrounding the release of Tom Cruise’s latest movie, ‘Valkyrie’, the World War II era thriller about German officers who sought to assassinate Adolf Hitler. Instead of opening the day after Christmas on December 26, the release date has been pushed up 24 hours to open on Christmas Day, where it will benefit from Christmas night moviegoing. It’ll be competing against five other wide releases that night, along with independent films and several other movies from the previous weekend.

So, to recap: ‘Valkyrie’ opens Christmas Day. Take family to watch. It’s easier than trying to set up the new Blu Ray player or wearing that ugly Christmas sweater with a straight face in front of Aunt Trudy.

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